To Live Incredible? By Ray Stedman


Topic: To Live Incredible?

For to me, to live is Christ and to bite the dust is gain. In the event that I am to continue living in the body, this will mean productive work for me. However what will I pick? I don’t have the foggiest idea!
Phil 1:21-22

The Christian perspective on death is given in only four words right now: Christ, much better. That summarizes it. In any case, before we take a gander at that, it’s significant that we see what this present man’s perspective on life is, on the grounds that these are not the expressions of a man who is murmuring after paradise yet surrendered to living on earth. This isn’t the expression of somebody who is tired of living and couldn’t take life any more so now the main expectation is that paradise is close within reach. For Paul, to live is Christ, and that is energizing! Living, he says, implies productive work, in which I can take the best enjoyment. The possibility of proceeding to live isn’t an unwelcome possibility here, in actuality he says I scarcely realize which to pick, the two possibilities are so alluring and welcoming. The Christian isn’t so neurotically burning of death that he never again needs to live. We some of the time give an inappropriate impression. We sing these brilliant melodies about the magnificence up there however in some cases, lamentably, Christians leave the feeling this is actually all they’re living for is the thing that comes toward the end.

The Christian doesn’t live with some unutterable yearning to get away, to dodge life, to run from it. No! Paul isn’t at all platitude that! He says, to live is Christ — I love it! What’s more, clearly the Soul of God tips the scale here forever, so he proceeds to state, persuaded of this I realize that I will remain, and proceed with all of you — in light of the fact that you need me and I will have the delight of coming to you once more. In any case, confronting the chance of death doesn’t mean he is worn out on life, yet that passing must mean a progressively brilliant and more profound friendship with Christ. That is the thing that makes life worth living. He says, to kick the bucket is addition, and you can possibly say that on the off chance that you are set up to state, to live is Christ!

What do you believe is truly living? What sort of condition do you must have before you can say Gracious, presently I’m truly living? What do you substitute for Christ in these expressions of Paul? To me to live is cash? At that point to kick the bucket is to lose everything, right? To me to live is notoriety? To bite the dust is a name in the tribute in the paper and never have it there again. To me to live is delight? To kick the bucket is to go out into an obscure. To me to live is wellbeing? To pass on is to lose my wellbeing. You see the main thing that bodes well in life is to state with the Witness, for me to live is Christ, since then you can say to pass on is gain. Reality with regards to the Christian confidence is that paradise starts down here.

Father, thank you that you have given me a reason for living. Instruct me to have the option to truly say, For me to live is Christ, to bite the dust is gain.

Life Application

Do we experience our Christian desires as idealists? Is it accurate to say that we are somewhat deciding to be the planted seed that passes on so as to encounter copious life? Is it true that we are encountering the Delight of association with the Living Christ, regardless of whether we live with Him on earth or in paradise?



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