Papi Clever – Mwokozi Wetu (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Papi Clever  – Mwokozi Wetu
Papi Clever – Mwokozi Wetu

Mwokozi Wetu is a powerful gospel song by Papi Clever and Dorcas featuring Merci Pianist. The song is a beautiful composition that is both uplifting and inspiring, and its message is one of hope, faith, and trust in God.

The title “Mwokozi Wetu” is Swahili for “Our Savior” and the lyrics of the song are a testimony to the power of God’s grace and mercy. Papi Clever and Dorcas deliver the verses with a great deal of passion and conviction, as they speak of their own personal experiences of the Lord’s goodness and mercy.

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Mwokozi Wetu lyrics By Papi Clever

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