Marathon Messiah’s Praise Announces 9th Edition Of The World’s Longest Gospel Musical Event


Marathon Messiah’s Praise Announces 9th Edition Of The World’s Longest Gospel Musical Event – Set To Hold In 21 Countries, Nigeria As The Host Stage

Over the past 8 years, Marathon Messiah’s Praise has been on as the world’s longest non-stop interdenominational gospel musical event.

Over the past eight (8) years, legitimate sons and daughters of our Father-in-the-Lord in The Redeemed Christian Church of God have been coming together to appreciate God’s mercies and faithfulness over the life of Pastor E.A. Adeboye, General Overseer of The REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD with each hour representing one year of his life. In addition to this mandate, the event also operates as a platform that is creating a new pattern of worship across the globe.

Today, we are glad to announce to the whole world, the 9th edition of Marathon Messiah’s Praise. The 9th edition tagged 78 Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise with the theme – Jesus, The Lamb of God will be held between the 2nd and 5th March, 2020 in 21 countries across six continents.

From 2012 when the event began, the first four editions were held in Nigeria while the event became a global phenomenon from 2016 when 74 Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise was held in three countries. From 2016 onward, Marathon Messiah’s Praise has been setting new records year after year as more countries are joining us to lift the banner of praise to our God.

As the event has been witnessing astronomical growth over the years, it will also interest you to know that the Youth Centre of Redemption Camp which has been the venue of the 8 previous editions can no longer accommodate the thousands of worshippers that have been attending every year, this necessitated our Father-in-the-Lord, Pastor E.A. Adeboye to announce the Prayer Foyer of the 3 by 3Km auditorium, Redemption Camp as the new venue.

Important Details About 78 Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise

  • Countries that will be participating this year includes Nigeria, United States of America, Canada, England, Australia, Spain, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, Cameroon, Kenya, Netherlands, Sweden, Malaysia, South Africa, Ireland, Ukraine, Brazil, Israel, Zambia, Ghana and New Zealand. Our pursuit of bringing Marathon Messiah’s Praise to the doorstep of every human on earth can only be accomplished via this colossal step of increasing the number of participating countries.

  • In the spirit of perfection, Nigeria’s stage will host a complete 78 Hours of Praise and Worship non-stop while concurrently, the 78 Hours will be shared amongst the stages in Diaspora nations. This implies that there won’t be any stoppage on the Nigerian stage for 78 Hours.

  • 78 Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise will be held between 9am GMT+1 Monday, 2nd March and 3pm GMT+1 Thursday, 5th March, 2020 at the Prayer Foyer of the 3/3 Auditorium, Redemption Camp, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • This year, over 210 Worship ministers and choral groups will be ministering across the 21 participating Countries.

  • For a seamless execution of the 78 Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise, over 10,000 people have registered to volunteer in various departments including Music, Sanitation, Welfare, soteria, Medical and in other various key sections of the Programme across the participating countries.

  • Over 30,000 live participants are expected to be in attendance with over 30 million viewers expected to watch the event on TV channels and various online platforms.

  • A new department – SOTERIA – which was launched at the last edition will be available for prayer and counselling with a dedicated call-in line for the general public for the 78 Hours of the event.

  • All our volunteers and attendees will be provided with free feeding, accommodation, welfare and transportation within the venue while we do our best on security, we also depend on Jesus, the Lamb of God for the security of lives and properties of all the participants as appropriate preparations will be put in place. The Venue in Nigeria and the schedule for ministration for the diaspora can be found on our website at

  • There are multiple broadcast streams. One stream will fully cover Nigeria while the other streams will be a mix of the Nigeria stream and other countries (this is based on the time that the countries are scheduled to minister).

  • The Nigeria stream can be watched on Dove TV while the other streams can be watched live on YouTube from our website Our online audience can follow us live on our various Social Media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter @themmpraise.

  • For the sake of emphasis, you can watch us live on Dove Television (Channel 349 on DSTV) to join us in praising Jesus, the Lamb of God.

We are optimistic that this year’s Marathon Messiah’s Praise will be, by far, the greatest in its series and our confidence is in this: there will definitely be an abundance of souls won into the kingdom of God, there will be bountiful harvest of miracles, healings, manifestation of signs and wonders, impartation of gifts, revelation, wholesome restoration, overwhelming peace, progress and divine intervention in all areas across the nation as we praise Jesus, the Lamb of God.

We enjoin everyone around the globe to look forward to this program and be a part of this great avenue to praise Jesus, the Lamb of God.

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