Lor – Holy Spirit (Mp3 Download, Lyrics & Video)

Contemporary songwriter, singer, recording, and performing artist Loretta Adjetey a.k.a Lor is out with her brand new single titled “Holy Spirit”.

Written by Lor and produced by Michael Nana Kofi Yeboah Addo, ‘Holy Spirit’ is an Anthem of Prayer and Surrender. It is a song to ignite the power of the Holy Spirit to move in every aspect of our lives.

With the release of her first single titled ‘Only You’ in 2018, Lor has steadily built a deeply connected audience and reached many people worldwide through her songs and unique ministration of hymns.

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Back Story of HOLY SPIRIT

Fortunately, I can tell the world about this song because I documented everything the day I received the song.

So a little backstory, I went for a Strategy Retreat retreat with the Leading Ladies Network at The Royal Senchi (Ghana) on 28th August, 2020.

During the retreat, we had a session in the evening with the founder of the Network; Yawa Hansen Quao, and did some ‘excavation’ in our lives to let go of all negativity. She said so many things but one thing that stuck with me was to let go of offenses and pray for all those who have hurt us.

The next day, 29th August 2020 at about 4:00 am during my quiet time I studied the word, and I started to reflect on what I had heard the previous day. Then I did something really difficult; I started to let go of negativity and release offense from my spirit.

Praying a prayer of surrender… Absolute surrender of myself to God. For anyone who I felt hurt by, I started to pray for them. Every good thing I desired in life, I prayed the same for them. I felt the burden taken off me. As I was doing this, I heard this song in my spirit and I sang along and recorded it fast

As you sing this song, whatever is difficult to do by your own strength I pray that by the help of the Holy Spirit you find so much release in your spirit to obey God rather than your flesh.

On that day, the Holy Spirit helped me to let go of the offense, on many other days
I’ve called on the Holy Spirit to do things with which my flesh was not in agreement. I believe this can be replicated in all aspects of our lives.

The Holy Spirit is our Helper and Guide. There is no area in your life you should withhold from him. Ask him for help and direction and you will receive it.

Let go of all negativity and all things carnal; bitterness and unforgiveness or resentment etc. We all need direction in this life… I pray that as you sing and pray the Holy Spirit will
lead and show you the way. That’s what He is here for!

I believe ‘Holy Spirit’ will be an anthem all over the world, that’s what He told me.

Lor’s deepest desire is to touch lives with the love of God through her ministry, to reach out to the lost & strengthen those already in the Christian faith.

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