Jermaine Edwards – Beautiful Day (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Jermaine Edwards - Beautiful Day
Jermaine Edwards – Beautiful Day

Sensational christian music minister, songwriter and lyricist Jermaine Edwards is here with a spirit lifting sound of worship titled Beautiful Day.

This exciting single by Jermaine Edwards is now available on all platforms for stream and download. Get it and share this lovely sound with people around your environment.

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Beautiful Day lyrics By Jermaine Edwards

Say this morning I woke up and I looked in the mirror
And every part of my body was in place
Many people died and never saw this day
So another day I live I appreciate
Don’t ever wanna act too high and mighty
Cause tomorrow I can fall down on my face
So in everything Lord I give You praise
And that puts a smile on my face

Lord I thank You for sunshine thank You for rain
Thank You for joy thank You for pain
It’s a beautiful day (repeat)
Don’t fuss and fight let us unite
We’ve got one life so let’s make it right
It’s a beautiful day (repeat)

2.So yeah thou I walk through the valley of the shadows of death
I will fear no evil won’t be dismayed
When I see the clock ticking away
And things are not in place
Everything in life happens for a reason
Disappointment comes with a lesson
Its for me to get wiser got to work harder
In the end it will get better


If you got life then give God praise
You may not have much but you living day by day
You can’t have faith and don’t want to work
Get up off that seat and put that brain to work
Eh, eh…………………………………………………
It’s a beautiful day (repeat 2 times)

It may not be the way I want it to be
But I thank you for every situation that made me
Good and bad friends that came into my life
And those who are still here today
Lord I thank You (repeat 3 times)


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