Great Southland Waves – Amazing Love (Mp3 Download, Lyrics & Video)

Great Southland Waves - Amazing Love
Great Southland Waves – Amazing Love

The greatest love story in the world begs a great song to tell it and Great Southland Waves has responded with an Easter banger that has got many nodding and humming on..

Titled Amazing Love, this new release is the third single from the camp of Great Southland Waves, a multi-racial worship collective based in Sydney Australia.

The song has been heralded “The Easter Anthem” by most first-time listeners because of its powerful salvation message, simple easy-to-sing melody, and the blend of English and Twi that invites listeners into a journey of discovery.

Amazing Love speaks of every Christian’s Journey from darkness into God’s light through the finished works of Jesus on the cross and the utmost joy that is expressed by all who have been saved.

If there’s a personal song of gratitude to God for the gift of salvation, this is it. And with its beautifully woven easy-to-sing lyrics, spiced up with a blend of Twi and English, every congregation must be singing this song this season and beyond.

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