Expect to Hear His Voice – Gloria Copeland The Father’s Heart

The sheep that are My claim listen and are tuning in to My voice; and I know them, and they take after Me. John 10:27, The Opened up Book of scriptures

So numerous devotees are uncertain of their capacity to listen God or know His voice. They’re continuously perplexed that they won’t be able to tell when the Soul of God is talking to them.

What they don’t realize is this: Hearing the voice of the Soul may be a benefit that the Book of scriptures says has a place to every devotee (Romans 8:14). All we need to do to work out that benefit is to get it by confidence and put ourselves in a position to hear. Next time the demon tries to tell you simply can’t listen God’s voice, keep in mind that. Jesus said His sheep will know His voice and a stranger’s voice they will not take after. That’s a guarantee of God to you nowadays. You see, the Soul of God will never direct you in resistance to the composed Word of God (John 16:13). So, in the event that you’re not commonplace with what the Word says, you’ll discover it more troublesome to perceive His leading. Get recognizable with God’s voice by thinking and considering the Word of God. Follow God’s instruction to Joshua and contemplate on it day and night. Act on what you discover within the Word, not fair when it’s simple but each time. Be respectful indeed within the smallest things.

That nonstop acquiescence to the composed Word will bring you into development and tune your internal ear to the voice of the Soul. You’ll before long be able to recognize it as effortlessly as you recognize the voice of your dearest friend. So, rather than pondering approximately it, begin anticipating to listen from Him. Then begin honing your otherworldly ears by investing time within the Word.

Scripture Reading: John 10:1-9

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