Ethan Kent – I Saw Jesus (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Ethan Kent - I Saw Jesus
Ethan Kent – I Saw Jesus

Ethan Kent has released another masterful single, titled “I Saw Jesus,” and collaborated again with the singers who provided backing vocals on his ‘Work In Progress’ album almost a decade ago. Available now for streaming and downloading. Through this song, Ethan invites you to experience Jesus not visibly, but spiritually through the lens of Grace.

“I loved reuniting with my singers from the Work In Progress album,” Ethan shares. “It’s hard to believe it’s been over ten years since that project. So much has happened in our individual lives and career paths, but they have remained loyal to being a part of the gift and platform God has given me to steward.”

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I Saw Jesus lyrics By Ethan Kent

I saw Jesus
At the end of myself
I saw Jesus
In my need for help
And He was right there, right there
Patiently in view
Yeah, I saw Jesus
Now, nothing else will do

Had my fix on religion
I hit rock bottom low
I needed direction
Just to find my way back home
I saw the Savior, clearly
He was more than just a man
I called Him Jesus
He called me friend
Oh, yes He did

Then He gave me a new heart
Oh what, what a joyous exchange
He called the work finished
Made me fall into grace
Now alive in His promise
I am finally safe
I’m forgiven with love
Forever changed

I saw, (I saw Jesus)
Like falling in love for the first time
(At the end of myself)
At the end of self-performance
I saw Him, (I saw Jesus)
Oh the glory
Oh the splendor, (In my need for help)
He was so present for me
(He was right there)
Right there, right there
Right there, (Patiently in view)
He met me at my point of need
And I saw Jesus, yeah
So, no one else will do

Freed from the thoughts of men
Oh, thank You God
Freed from religion’s grip
Thank God Almighty I’m free
No longer slaved to sin
But His power
His power lives within

I saw Jesus, (Jesus)
I got a story
I got a song about Jesus, (Jesus)
Praising my Savior
All the day long, Jesus, (Jesus)
His sacrifice
Made it all right, Jesus, (Jesus)
Say I saw, (I saw)

Jesus, (Jesus)
Woo, I’ll let the world know
He is the G.O.A.T
Jesus, (Jesus)
The greatest of all time
He redeemed my life
Jesus, (Jesus)
His promise is sure
His blood is the cure
Jesus, (Jesus)
Yeah, I saw, (I saw)

Come on say
Jesus, (Jesus)
No, there’s no other name
Above the name
Jesus, (Jesus)
The only way
Forever He reigns
Jesus, (Jesus)
Not one mistake
Outruns His Grace
Jesus, (Jesus)

And He was right there, right there
Patiently in view
I saw Jesus
Now, nothing else will do

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