Elevation Rhythm – This Is The Gospel (Album Download & ZIP FILE)

Elevation Rhythm - This Is The Gospel Album
Elevation Rhythm – This Is The Gospel Album

ELEVATION RHYTHM’S sophomore album, This Is the Gospel, is released today. The group’s new seven-track collection follows ELEVATION RHYTHM’s first full-length offering, Growing Pains. But unlike their emotionally-focused debut, This Is The Gospel is not only a work of art but a testament to faith.

“I felt this call and this responsibility to say, ‘OK, if the next generation needs a foundation for their faith, what does that foundation look like? What is the Gospel? What are the pillars? What is the truth?,” shares ELEVATION RHYTHM’s lead architect and primary producer, Josh Holiday.

“I just knew this next album had to be truth-centered, and I wanted to create music that was going to be foundational for this next generation in their faith journey.”

The album features the single “You Will Be Saved,” a straightforward opus and a simple invitation of salvation. Holiday continues, “Knowing Jesus as a Savior is so humbling. I never want to get to a place where I feel like I don’t need saving. I never want to live that lie. This song isn’t just a salvation call for sinners. We all need to be saved. It’s for the lost – for the one – but it’s also to remind the 99, hey, don’t ever think you don’t need a Savior.”

Download This Is The Gospel Album By Elevation Rhythm

  1. This Is The Gospel
  2. Wind of Love
  3. Purify
  4. Streetlights
  5. Good News
  7. You Will Be Saved

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