DOWNLOAD MP3: Tomi Favored X TY Bello – Pass Over (Tafi)


Here is a sponteneous worship session at Ty Bello’s featuring Tomi Favored and Ty Bello. The song Pass Over (Tafi) was record during this session.

“Last week Thursday was really spontaneous. I had a very big impression in my spirit that we needed to worship deep. But I hadn’t invited anyone and I didn’t have any name on my heart. Somehow, George brought Tomi Favored ‘s name up and we found out she was actually in Nigeria. Within 2 hours, we were worshipping together like we had known each other all our lives. But beyond that, I think it’s the force and the authority she brought to the table that was the biggest gift. There’s a siege upon the earth from #coronavirus and as we do all the things that are needful, we don’t stay careless spiritually…We also take authority in the Spirit. Like the last post from the same session, if ever you are in doubt of how to pray and what to say…pray along and sing along.” – Ty Bello

Listen & Download Tomi Favored X TY Bello – Pass Over (Tafi) MP3 below:-


Watch Pass Over (Tafi) Video Below


  1. This worship too me and my husband into the Holy Place together. We are prophetic worshippers and intercessors. We will add the name of your ministry to our prayer list. Thank you for your obedience to God. If ever we needed to hear a word from the Lord, it is now. Pass Over is so prophetic for such a time as this. Love prayers and blessings.

  2. My God! This is God’s presence pulled down from the throne of grace. I could feel goosebumps all over me as the song reminded me that God in me is greater than he in the world. Praise Jesus

  3. I am so glad that i saw this song on a friend’s status.i cant begin to say the effect this song has on me.its sooo captivating…i love the hausa language incorporated there in..well done Tomi

  4. Kindly send the video of the song to my via whatsap any body please,,,,I can’t download d video..08126376336 thanks


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