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Namdy Cee – Aka JehovahNigerian Gospel music artiste, a graced worship Leader and a prolific song writer, who by the grace of God upon his life had led and still leading numerous souls in praise and worship unto GOD, both locally and internationally by name David Cornelius Nnamdi popularly known as Namdy Cee.

By the help of the Holy Ghost he releases a brand new powerful worship song titled “Aka Jehovah” meaning ‘The Divine Hand of God’.

Aka Jehovah is a spirit-filled song, a song of testimony and deliverance; it speaks of the Anointing and Power of God and its ability to end every misery in any one’s life. It also draws very ones attention to complete trust in God for the extraordinary without doubt.

Those who trust in the Lord are like mount zion that cannot be shaken but remains forever more (Psalms 125:1)

The hand of God rests on anyone that trusts him and he causes every past, present and future yoke or limitation to be lifted forever, Such individual remains a testimony to his generation, His light shine over every darkness, whatever that seems difficult in such person’s life at the moment is always a stepping stone for greatness in the future.

This is also a powerful song that will help awaken the consciousness that you’re a living testimony and that you are that rejected stone that is now the chief corner stone because Christ lives in you.

Open your heart as you listen to this song, I can assure you that your faith in God will be activated to achieve that seemingly impossible situation in your life by His grace.
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Aka Jehovah lyrics by Namdy Cee

You have made me a living testimony
And you’ve caused my light to shine out of darkness
The stone the builders have rejected
You have made the chief cornerstone
My lion and the lamb, your power breaks every yoke, Aka Jehovah, Aka Jehovah n’emenma (2x)

CALL: My God of signs and wonders…
RESPONSE: You are a miracle working God.
CALL: Lilly of the valley..
RESPONSE: You are a miracle working God..
CALL: Ancient of days..
RESPONSE: You are a miracle working God..
CALL: Lion and the Lamb..
RESPONSE: Your power breaks every yoke o.
CALL: Aka Jehovah..
RESPONSE: Aka Jehovah n’emenma…

Disappointment and delay cannot stand your power…
Barrenness and diseases cannot stand the anointing because all power belongs to you my Jesus.. All other gods are the works of men..
You are my Lion and the lamb your power breaks every yoke, aka Jehovah, aka Jehovah n’emenma (2x)

Repeat Chorus

You are the God that opens every door,
You are the God that cuts through the bars of iron,
And you are the God that parted the red sea
And you are the God that opens the barren womb.. My lion and the lamb..
(Call and response)

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