Kim Walker-Smith – You’ll Always Be


Kim Walker-Smith You’ll Always Be
After a three year hiatus since her last solo album, Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith will release her new live album, Wild Heart, on August 14th. Today, she shares the third track from the album titled “You’ll Always Be.” Previously pre-released tracks include the title track and “Breathing Room”.

Video: Kim Walker-Smith – You’ll Always Be

You’ll Always Be LYRICS by Kim Walker-Smith

You’ve held me close on dark nights
You’ve calmed me down when nothing could
For every time I felt alone
You pulled me in and called me friend

You’ve always been
And You’ll always be
The God who gives
Such perfect peace
So, all my fear
And anxiety
Will bow to my God
The King of Kings
My Prince of Peace

I’ve basked inside Your perfect light
And I’ve cried until the healing came
I’ve run away and back to You
And still You call me friend

I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid
Cause everything gives way
When I speak Your name



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