Derek Jones – Hosanna (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Derek Jones - Hosanna
Derek Jones – Hosanna

Brazilian christian music minister Derek Jones is here again with a brand new sound of adoration and worship titled Hosanna.

Jesus is ready to heal your heart via this powerful and anointed sound and as well bless your soul as you listen to this spiritual song .

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Hosanna lyrics By Derek Jones

Oh Father we welcome You
We give You all the glory
We give You honor
For only You are worthy
Eh-eh Jesus ah
Hosanna (Hosanna)
In the highest heaven (Hosanna)
To the Prince of peace (Hosanna)
The Admirable adviser (Hosanna )
Eh-hi (Hosanna)

To the Almighty (Hosanna)
He is worthy of praise (Hosanna)
Hosanna (Hosanna)
Why this tumult among the nations
These vain thoughts among the peoples
The Lord has anointed his King
His name is Yeshua
Yeshua Hamashiah
The God of my salvation
God of my deliverance eh
He is my assurance
In him I have put my faith
For his reign has no end
He was, he is
And he is coming soon
Hosanna (Hosanna)

There is no God (there is no God but you)
Hosanna Hosanna (Hosanna)
Yeah Hosanna (Hosanna)
Hosanna your name is Yeshua (Hosanna)
Yeshua (Hosanna your name is Yeshua)
Hosanna Hosanna (Hosanna)
Au higher from heaven (Hosanna)
Hosanna you are coming soon (Hosanna)
Oh yes you are coming soon
Hosanna Hosanna (Hosanna)
Hosanna Hosanna (Hosanna)
The true (it’s you)
The incomparable (it’s you)
The Almighty (it’s you)
Alpha Omega (it’s you)
Creator of all things (it’s you)
The Lamb on the throne (it’s you)
Yah-yah you were, you are
And you come back , you come back Soon
Hosanna (Hosanna)
There is no God but you
Hosanna Hosanna (Hosanna)
Hosanna (Hosanna)
Hosanna your name is Yeshua (Hosanna)
Eh-hi (your name is Yeshua)
Hosanna Hosanna (Hosanna)
Hosanna Hosanna to the highest of heavens (Hosanna)
Hosanna you’ll be back soon (Hosanna)
Oh-oh yes you’ll be back soon
Hosanna Hosanna (Hosanna)
Yeah eh-eh (Hosanna)

Oh, oh, oh
At the sound of the trumpet
You enter
Hosanna Hosanna (Hosanna)
Hosanna Hosanna (Hosanna)
You are the light of the world (Hosanna)
Salvation comes from you Jesus (Hosanna)
The truth is you (Hosanna) )
The solution to all our questions (Hosanna)
Yeah Hosanna (Hosanna)
Hosanna Hosanna Hosanna we welcome you (Hosanna)
Eh-hi-eh (Hosanna)
Yeah every knee will bow (Hosanna)
And every tongue will confess (Hosanna)
That you are Lord
You who are all the prayer
The nations will come to you
Eh-eh, eh-eh

The King of glory comes in
Lion of Judah comes in
The solution comes in
The people sing Hosanna Hosanna oh-oh-oh (Hosanna)
Hosanna Hosanna (Hosanna)
We welcome you King of glory eh-ih
Hallelujah Jesus

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