Daniel Jeddman & MOGmusic – Favour (Mp3 Download, Lyrics & Video)

Daniel Jeddman & MOGmusic - Favour
Daniel Jeddman & MOGmusic – Favour

Daniel Jeddman features MOGmusic on his latest song “Favour” to welcome the new year.

Ghanaian Gospel Artist based in Germany, Daniel Jeddman features the Multiple-Award Winning Gospel Artist, MOGmusic on his newly released faith-based declarative song “Favour” to welcome the new year 2022.

This new sensational song, “Favour” comes with so much energy, positivity and high inspiration carefully engineered through the Word of God

According to Daniel Jeddman, his inspiration by Holy Spirit was connected to the book of Genesis 6:8 when Noah obtained favour before the Lord.

This song was written in the middle of Covid-19 last year in April 2021. The ordeal in bringing this song to reality wasn’t an easy one. But just as the title of the song says, Favour has been the order of every single day until the day of release to come. The song “Favour” has come to bless lives worldwide. To impact and to rebuild homes that seems to have lost the favour of God concerning their lives.

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Daniel Favour video By Jeddman & MOGmusic

Daniel Favour lyrics By Jeddman & MOGmusic

The sun has set
My time has come
For what I deserve
To come my way right now

The valleys were deep
My bones did break
My body got weak
But the Lord made me strong

Makoma ahyɛ ma a
(God has done me well)
Ode nyom foforɔ ahyɛ ma no
(Ode anuonyam kuruwa ahye me)

Favour 4x

Eeeei when I’m in darkness
I know sey you dey by my side
(By my side, he is always by my side)

No matter what comes my way
Oh menim sɛ medi nkunim
(nkunim, nkunim wɔ obonsam so)

Who am I and what is my home
(That the Lord is so mindful of me)
I never knew God will favour me this way
(My foot is upon the rock)

Favour 4x

Many are the affliction of the righteous
But God delivers from them all
Today I’m saved by grace and favour
My time of victory is here. 2x

Favour 4x

(Adlibs with Chorus 4x)
I cannot breathe without you Lord
I cannot see without you Lord
Where would I be
I cannot see without you Lord

You alone are my heart desire
You alone are my heart desire

Wɛ nuonyam yɛ kɛse wɔ meso Lord

(Attributes with Chorus Switch 4x)
Oyɛ adeɛ yie, ne wo ɛwurade
Sɛ mennya woa anka mɛ wu
Me de aseda eni kabea
Me de mawo mɛ gyei 2x

Me de mawo

Oyɛ adeɛ yie, Oyɛ adeɛ yie

Favour 3x

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