Chris Llewellyn – Honest (Album Download & ZIP FILE)

Chris Llewellyn - Honest Album
Chris Llewellyn – Honest Album

Irish singer/songwriter Chris Llewellyn, a founding member of the highly successful worship band Rend Collective, has just unveiled his debut solo project titled “Honest” (released under Capitol CMG). This collection of twelve songs, deeply rooted in Celtic influences, serves as a poignant exploration of faith and life. Llewellyn candidly examines these themes with raw honesty and probing curiosity.

Llewellyn offers insight into his album, saying, “Can we find God’s love when we’re honest? Does His faithfulness endure even in our moments of doubt?” He goes on to describe the genesis of the album, which emerged during a challenging period marked by personal struggle. This period was catalyzed by a life-altering medical diagnosis for his son, forever changing the trajectory of their family and reshaping Llewellyn’s faith journey. The resulting album stands as a musical backdrop to the wrestling match of faith.

“This album is an audible reading of my personal diary—a raw, unfiltered expression,” Llewellyn elaborates. The songs encapsulate a blend of hope and uncertainty, pain and inner conflict, all intertwined with an unyielding foundation of faith. It’s not a glossy, polished portrayal of faith, but rather an account of its endurance through trials and tribulations. Llewellyn hopes that his “oversharing” can serve as a catalyst, granting others permission to pose their own courageous questions. He underscores that true, meaningful faith is birthed when we dare to be authentic and forthright.

Drawing inspiration from renowned storytellers hailing from his homeland—including Van Morrison, Glen Hansard, Foy Vance, and U2—Chris Llewellyn’s musical style and songwriting are best described as a fusion of alternative pop and Americana, complemented by captivating live looping performances. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, alongside his wife Gabriella and their three children.

Download Honest Mp3 Album By Chris Llewellyn

1. Chris Llewellyn – Honest
2. Chris Llewellyn – Gamble On Your Goodness
3. Chris Llewellyn – Still Believe In The Magic
4. Chris Llewellyn – NaïVe
5. Chris Llewellyn – Can’T Quit You
6. Chris Llewellyn – Beautiful Mystery
7. Chris Llewellyn – Mother’S House
8. Chris Llewellyn – Toxic
9. Chris Llewellyn – New Wine (Is My Bible A Barricade?)
10. Chris Llewellyn – I’M Not Losing My Faith
11. Chris Llewellyn – Can You Be Trusted?

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