Chinonso Grace – Divine Package (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Chinonso Grace – Divine Package
Chinonso Grace – Divine Package

Alongside another wonderful worship and praise melody by this sensational and prolific christian music singer and songwriter, “Chinonso Grace”. This latest and spirit-lifting tune is tagged “Divine Package”.

The song “Divine Package“ is an impressive track that will worth a place on your Playlist.

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Divine Package lyrics By Chinonso Grace

INTRO: Jesus enyewom Divine surprise….

(Response) Eh eh eeeeh 3x

(call) oyewom Divine package..

(Response) somotoya…

(call) Jehovah Enyewom Divine connection

(response) Eh eh eeeeh 3x

(call) oyewom Divine upliftment…

(response) somotoya….

(call) Toyaaaa.

(Chorus).. Kele ya 3x

Ahaya bu ihunaya kele ya.. Jesus onye isi udo kele ya onyewom Divine package somotoya….

(Call) somotoya oooooh. (Back to chrous.)

( Adlibs)…….

(Verse1) Divine connection… Jesus has given me divine connection, he has lifted me from grass to grace…he has given my life a meaning…. Otawo mu Mmanu oooooooooo he has changed my story to glory…thank Jesus for me ooo onyewom Divine package somotoya toyaaaa ….

(back to chorus )…. (Adlibs)

(Verse2) The help to the helpless…who you bless is blessed indeed ooooh, you’ve turned my sorrow to Joy oh.. backwardness to favor…I remember 2009 how you saved me from untimely death…I was rushed to the hospital… the baby in the womb was dead for three days…you came through for me…you said Chinonso nwamo… you’re a voice to your generation no power can destroy you.. see how you turn my life around oh… you have given me divine connection, divine package, divine surprised ooooooh….. somotoya. (Call) Toya….

(Back to chorus)…(adilbs)

(Outro Call) keleee nu Jesus oh oh oh

(response) kele ya x4 onyewom Divine package somotoya (call) kelenu Jesus oh oh (response) kele ya x4 onyewom Divine package… somotoya…. THE END!!!

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