Chance the Rapper Says Jesus’ Teachings is the basis for His Generosity


Grammy Award-winning Hip Hop star – Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, popularly known as Chance the Rapper, who is very open about his christian faith, made his talk show return on last Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

On this insightful and inspiring episode, Chance discussed everything from his marriage to Kristen Corley, their new baby girl, Marli and the inspiration behind his heart for giving.

Highlighting his $1 million donation to the Chicago Public Schools Foundation, to also buying groceries for his fans, Ellen askedChance the Rapper, “Why is it important for you to give back ?”

“My understanding of a lot of stuff is based on Jesus,” Chance replied “Jesus teaches to care for your neighbor and care for people that aren’t necessarily your blood, but still a part of your body because we’re all humans,”

he continued..“That’s an impactful thing that I understood more as I got older.”

Chance also added that his parent also instilled in him when he was young to do something beneficial to people in need, rather than just pass them by.

Watch the full clip below:



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