Bizzle – Bamboozled (Revelation 2:9) (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Bizzle – Bamboozled (Revelation 2:9)
Bizzle – Bamboozled (Revelation 2:9)

The American prolific rapper and renowned rapper from “GOD OVER MONEY” records “Bizzle” releases a song titled “Bamboozled (Revelation 2:9)“ featuring Datin, Bumps INF & Jered Sanders.

Bizzle has a knack for unpacking and unraveling things in such a way as to make them plain.

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Bamboozled (Revelation 2:9) lyrics By Bizzle

God Over Money (yeah)
I just been sittin’ back, watchin’
Takin’ in information
Not jumpin’ to conclusions
They trying to play on our emotions so much I like to
Sit back and watch for the dots to connect
You feel me?
It sucks watchin’ people sleep
I understand now why the higher ups call people sheep
They go where they send ’em
Of all the things that should offend ’em
They only focus on what you tell ’em should upset ’em
I remember this music exec
Told me people are sheep most of ’em stupid as heck
Focus on you and get a check
But I refuse to mislead people or view ’em as less
Just to be mocked by the same people I choose to protect
It’s like I’m back in the day
Going against massa and getting attacked by the slaves
Takin’ my lashes while they laughing away
Because they don’t know that I was tryin’ to free ’em
They played a clip for ’em told ’em I was trying to leave ’em
I found out they puttin’ poison in what they tryin’ to feed us
They tryin’ to kill us from the inside and make us weaker
They say “he trying to steal your food, he want your children to starve”
They show a picture of my burning all the ish we been eatin’
Because when the truth make ’em shook of me they drum up a case
If they can change how you look at me
You’ll laugh while they whoopin’ me
In front of your face
The right narrative can bury who they wanna erase
Remember Lauryn Hill spoke up? “Crazy”
Chappelle didn’t want to wear a dress when he left he was “crazy”
Ye was in the bed with dead celebrities calling himself Yeezus
But when he met Jesus? “Crazy”
Trump was they buddy
They all got money (money)
Before he ran for president these same folks loved him (you’re fired)
I wonder what changed though
Is it ’cause he racist or wouldn’t like the White House up like a rainbow?
You don’t find it funny that
The same Grammys and Oscars we call racist
Claim to hate him because of that
A whole industry that promotes evil consistently
Now they hate evil and shame people who disagree
Some of that he bring on himself and so do Ye though
You can’t meet with ’em, agree with ’em, or say his name though
They’ll call you a coon, Uncle Tom, and say you “you ain’t black”
You wonder why Joe Biden feel comfortable enough to say that?
Isn’t that the same way used to manipulate cats
Calling you homophobic when you don’t agree with they plans
Black folks running the same plays the gays ran
Because black lives didn’t matter until we shook they hands
Then it was the first gay NFL player black
Then it was the first gay NBA player black
Then they had a wedding at the Grammys presented by
Him and a black rapper and guess who officiated that
A black woman
They used our oppression as a tool for protection
And sympathy as a weapon (I’m just like you)
I see the dots start connectin’
And these fake Jews call Ye anti-semitic
History of oppression, you can’t disagree with ’em
Sympathy as a weapon, if you do you’re mistreatin’ ’em
They rip a black billionaire in front of your face
To say no matter how rich you get stay in your place, nigga!
Promote sex, drugs, murder on the daily
You can kill babies
You can say a man got pregnant by a lady (really?)
The things that you can’t say
Don’t make you question why what you can is gravy?
“I’ma kill a nigga”
“I’ma kill a Jew”
One of those are wrong, one of those are cool
One of those will get a rich black man canceled
The other will put a new Grammy on his mantel
But what do I know, I’m just a Christian rapper
Black entrepreneur, black father, active
Black husband rappin’ like you care about a black life
Black Philanthropist, water to Africa and to Flint
Black man of God
With a catalog
Your children can rap along
Within the car withcha
And it’s hard (whatchu sayin’)
I ain’t sayin’ this so y’all support me
I’m just tryin’ show you what y’all been calling corny
People remember the narrative is imperative
What other reason would you slip on Jesus and choose Barabbas
We still choosing the killers over the healers, huh? (huh)
We still following whatever leaders they give us, huh? (huh)
Look at the ones with the most influence
They won’t go against the grain
They’re paid to make the grain look doper to us
I digress y’all
I just be over here corny
Watching all the cool rappers put a dress on (I’m petty)
I just want you to take a look at the industry (look close)
Hollywood and music, look at the symmetry
Look at what they push
Look at what they claim to be about
Look at how anybody in disagreement get weeded out
Think about what you and them agree about
Abortion and same sex and one result they both bring about (death)
But God is life so the plan is: murder your seed or make sure it don’t get planted (where’s the lie)
Y’all remember God made a promise to Abraham to multiply his seed
Now look at Satan’s plan
He got us brain washed so bad
We march for the right to do it to ourselves (look ma no hands)
But you don’t think the devil’s real so you can’t see it
So, you’ll never understand why they hate Jesus (nope)
Just be aware of wickedness in high places
Claimin’ they Jews but they the synagogue of Satan (Bizzle)

I was on the plane the other day and I’m watching this movie called “Ocean’s Eight” and these ladies they were pulling of this bank heist. And halfway through the movie I realize, I’m rooting for the bank robbers. They’re, they’re the bad guys but that’s who side I’m on in this thing. I want them to get away. And I ask myself. How is the Christian going for the bad guy in the movie? And I know you be like “oh but it’s just a movie, ehhh” but I never watched an episode of SVU and was hopin’ the pedophile got off. So, what’s the difference? Why is it when I watch “Bad Boys” I’m going for the cops? When I watch Takers, I’m going for the robbers? Then it hit me, the director is able to present this thing in such a way that he can control which side I fall on. So, my question to you is; If this director can do this with his finite brain, how much more do you think Satan is able to do? If he controls the people who control the narrative. Y’all better get in that Word. CNN might say one thing, Fox might say another thing, but the Word of God remains the same. (Yah!)

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