Austin Stone Worship – Something Greater (Mp3 Download, Lyrics & Video)

Austin Stone Worship - Something Greater
Austin Stone Worship – Something Greater

Austin Stone Worship releases “Something Greater (LIVE),” which can be heard below. The track is available now to download or stream.

The band shares, “the “Something Greater” 5 song EP is a collection of new and old songs aimed at preparing our hearts to celebrate the beauty of our risen King Jesus this Easter.”

Austin Stone Worship is a family of worship leaders, storytellers, and artists serving The Austin Stone church in Austin, TX and equipping the Church with content rich in theology and expression.

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Something Greater video By Austin Stone Worship

Something Greater lyrics By Austin Stone Worship

[Verse 1]
Beneath the broken shadow
Where sin and death did reign
The King of glory left his throne aside
The clouds of heaven opened and mercy fell like rain
To bring the darkened past a future bright

Something greater, something greater has come

[Verse 2]
Upon the cross of sorrow
The cup of wrath ran dry
The dying Savior drinking every drop
The sting of death accepted, the final breath of love
Our greatest gain was heaven’s greatest loss

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